Unkarinvizslojen Eurooppa Cup 2013

Eri rotujen harrastajien ja toimihenkilöiden tiedotteita.

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Unkarinvizslojen Eurooppa Cup 2013

Viesti Kirjoittaja Lea Laitinen » 30.1.2013 10:31

‎25/01/2013. ENTRY INFORMATION for EUROPEAN CUP for Hungarian

Date and place: Cacit Field Trial European Cup for Hungarian
Vizslas, Cegléd
The Hungarian Association of Breeders of Wirehaired
Hungarian Vizslas will organize the European Cup for
Hungarian Vizslas between the 11th and 13th of May 2013.
The competition will be judged according to the regulations
of Autumn Field Trials. The ground is various with
agriculture areas and swards, there are natural and bred
pheasants and partridges.
On the 11th and 13th there will be the field trial runs, on
the 12th the derby runs, water retrieves and conformation
We accept team entries for Short- and Wirehaired Hungarian
Vizslas who have an FCI pedigree, achieved "breeding
permission" on conformation test in their own country - or
if these tests does not exist in the country, the dog must
have been qualified on a dog show. 5 Hungarian Vizslas can
be entered in one team, the best 4 results will be taken in
consideration at the final evaluation.
45 dogs can be entered altogether for the competition, in
case there would be less entries, there is the possibility
for individual participation. In this case the result of the
individual participant is not taken in consideration at the
final judgment of the European Cup.
Dogs under 30 months of age can be entered for the Derby
The title of Individual European Cup Winner can be given to
the dog that was qualified both days and one of the
qualifications is "excellent". Teams will be placed in base
of their points gathered during field runs, retrieves, water
Entry fee for two days: 100 EUR/dog.
For Derby runs:40 EUR/dog.

For participant number and query estimation the preliminary
entry date is:
15. February 2013.

For further information: info@drotszorumagyarvizsla.hu

We hope that several dogs will participate at this high
standard competition.

Asiasta kiinnostuneet voi ottaa yhteyttä minuun lea.laitinen@biofarm.fi. , tai Hanna Savolaiseen iitaliina@gmail.com .